And it happened! ?
The first VOLVO truck tractor is already here!
This car will be used to carry very heavy loads.
Technically approved maximum total weight of vehicle combinations – 50 000 kg.

Below is a photo report from the collection of a truck tractor at the headquarters of VOLVO – Nowa Wieś Wielka.

The long-awaited investment is coming to an end… A new block of flats – a beautiful location – on Akacjowa Street, whose investor is a highly regarded local Helt-developer from Zlotow. Reliable company and workmanship. We are the main supplier of building materials – from foundations to roof. You can see the effects of our cooperation in the photo-report below. We serve investments not only in Poland, we are able to deliver materials throughout the European Union. Small and large investments. Transport, loading and unloading. We invite you to cooperation.

Seit kurzem geRecently, another new semi-trailer has joined our fleet!

We cheer on our jumpers⛷
Thousands of fans under the Big Rooftop and millions in front of the TV had no reason to cheer and celebrate after the team competition in Zakopane on Saturday. The Polish team finished only in fifth place, but Dawid Kubacki confirmed his excellent form. We send you positive energy directly from the mountain!

⛷We cheer on our jumpers⛷

NAGA European Championship in Amsterdam is over.
Our competitor ?Bartłomiej Ksobiak won a silver medal in the category Masters -79,9 blue gi belts ?.

Congratulations and we wish you continued success ???