Small Coal

Hard coal is a constant leader among fuels used for heating all kinds of rooms. From private houses, hotels, industrial production halls to district heating companies and power plants.

Coal is one of the products created in the process of hard coal processing. It is the most finest form of this ore, whose grains do not exceed six millimeters. Our composition of coal has a product with parameters: 0mm-25mm and 0mm-50mm (lump size) and caloricity 23kj, cal.25kj.

It should be mentioned that it was largely a by-product of the mining process and subsequent processing of coal. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The unquestionable benefit is its lower price in relation to other types of coal. The small size of the grain also allows it to be packed in bags, e.g. 25kg each – easy to transport and store. Unfortunately, the lower price is associated with lower calorific value and greater contamination of the raw material. The process of grinding dust combustion gives more by-products – trails and ash. The transfer in closed spaces is associated with a large amount of floating coal dust, so special attention should be paid to protecting the lungs in which it can settle.

Peas Coal

Among the various types of hard coal available on the market, peas are distinguished primarily by the size of a single lump. When supplying your household or company with a given type of coal, you should consider which of the available ones will be the most effective in your heating boiler. Such parameters as the spacing of the furnace grate (possibility of losing unburned fuel to the ashtray) are important.

Pea is ground hard coal and its average size ranges from 25 to 40 mm. To obtain the desired size, specialized harvesters are used, grinding larger lumps. The aforementioned size ensures more accurate combustion in comparison with traditional lumps of coal. The result is a higher purity of ash and a smaller amount of traces, resulting from the combustion process. This is not the only factor increasing its profitability. It is worth mentioning the high calorific value, which has a significant impact on the amount of burned ore.

Continuous development of technology has contributed to the popularization of automatic fuel feeders. Peas are perfect for use in such systems.

Coal nut

Walnut is a fuel produced from hard coal. The advantage of this type of coal is low sulphur content, which affects the amount of pollutants entering the atmosphere during the combustion of this fuel.

In addition, walnut coal burns for a long time giving a high temperature.

After burning, it does not cause soot to settle in heating devices and leaves only a small amount of ash.

It has a dark granite color. Its dimensions are from 50mm even to 100mm in one lump. It is popular and caloric, which gives good quality at a low price.

Cube coal

Carbon cube is a fuel intended for burning in iron and steel furnaces.

It has a low sulfur content, which significantly reduces soot build-up in the chimney.

The cube can be easily mixed with weak fuels (sawdust, wood, pellets, lignite, etc.).

The biggest advantage of this type of coal is a very long time of maintaining temperature and smouldering embers.

It also generates very high temperatures. Its dimensions are from 130mm to 200mm in one cube.

Briquette Record

REKORD lignite briquette is a premium class fuel designed for fireplace stoves, tiled stoves and solid fuel boilers.

It heats particularly strongly, burns with a small amount of smoke, a beautiful flame and keeps the heat for a long time.

The REKORD briquette is produced from lignite without binding agents and has a consistently high quality.

Brown Bogatynia

Lignite – a type of fossil carbon with a content of 65-75% of the carbon element, whose process of coalification of plant matter is at an intermediate stage between peat and hard coal.

There are the following varieties: xylitic coal (characterized by a clearly preserved structure of wood), soft coal (after drying it easily spreads into small pieces) and hard coal (characterized by greater conciseness).

Our company deals with retail and wholesale of coal.
We have transportation up to 3 tons (retail) and up to 27 tons (wholesale). 
Our priority is the development, the sales offer adjusted to the market needs.
and maintaining good quality coal at a low price.