Ladies and Gentlemen!

Welcome to the “KAMAR” website. Our company was established almost 20 – in 1998. Its name is a compilation of the names of the founders Kazimierz and Maria. Slowly and effortlessly we built its material infrastructure and know how. As a result, today we have a strong position on the market in the construction sector, trade and transport and numerous satisfied customers.

At the beginning – like most of the companies established after the political transformation – we dealt with trade – retail sales of coal and building materials. Over time, by investing the resources developed in this way, we expanded the scope of our activities. We built a hand car wash and started to provide domestic transport services. This multidirectional approach allowed us to successfully survive on the market also during the crisis of 2007 – 2010.

Today we are a company with a strong position on the market, a well-established brand and experienced and professional staff.

Currently we operate under the name KAMAR limited liability company limited partnership. It was created by merging two companies known to you: PPHU KAMAR Maria Pacholska and FHU KAMAR Kamila Janiak. This allows us to meet your expectations even better.

Currently we offer our customers:

  • sale and transport of hard coal, lignite, briquette, pellets, etc…
  • transport and sale of various types of aggregates
  • comprehensive construction service – from the foundations to the roof
  • retail and wholesale of building materials
  • services with loaders, forks, excavators, HDS
  • a hand car wash enriched with 2 stands of a self-service car wash equipped also with a vacuum cleaner
  • national and international transport including freight forwarding . Our cars can be found on roads all over Europe.

In 2022, we took part in the 23rd edition of the Business Gazelles ranking. The presence in the ranking means that the company belongs to the elite of small and medium-sized companies – it is not only dynamically developing, but also transparent. The Business Gazelle 2022 could be a company that has been operating continuously since at least 2019 and had revenues of PLN 3-200 million at that time, which recorded their growth in the last three years, had no loss … and this is how we managed to join the elite club of Gazela Biznesu, a group of the most dynamically developing companies. Below is a proof in the form of a diploma confirming the affiliation of KAMAR Sp. z o. o. Sp. K. to the elite group of Business Gazelles.

We invite everyone interested to use the services of our company. Apart from high quality and relatively low prices, we can offer you friendly service and respect for every customer who trusts us.

Marek Pacholski

limited liability company
limited partnership
89-300 Wyrzysk
ul. 22 stycznia 40
tel. 67 286 25 02,
NIP: 764-268-73-09